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Online Distributor

To become a Distributor of Emuca Online products you need to have an online shop or sell through other marketplaces and request the registration as a distributor. You can apply to register through this link.

Once we have received your request we will analyse it, reserving the right to accept your application to be a Digital Distributor of the products on our site.

If you are interested in purchasing our products and/or in our dropshipping service, you should fill in the application and within a period of 24 working hours you will receive an email with a response from us.

At Emuca Online we have scaled prices according to the quantity of products that you purchase, the higher the quantity of the product, the better the price per unit. In order to access the scaled prices, you will need to apply for Registration as an Online Distributor, and you will thus be able to access the product sheet with all the information about it.

Yes, on Emuca Online you can purchase our products and sell them on your own ecommerce platform or on other online sale platforms without the obligation to contract the dropshipping services.

Benefits of the Dropshipping service

Emuca Online, as a dropshipper, will dispatch your orders directly to your end customer.

No, the recipient will never see the cost price. There will be no documentation on the packaging that shows the cost. The cost prices will only be shown in the confirmation email of your order from Emuca Online and in the invoices.

All the Emuca Online items will be sent in a product box which will identify the product as being from Emuca, but the dispatch label will specify you as the sender with the identifying logo of your shop. On the sender’s address, Emuca’s address will only appear as the logistics supplier.

No, at Emuca Online we are wholesale suppliers, our clients are digital distributors who sell to professionals or individuals.

Once the application has been approved you will be able to access the Emuca Online cost prices. As you will set the end prices, you will be free to establish your own margin based on the market.

At Emuca Online we will provide you with a recommended retail price for selling the items so that you can obtain an interesting profit, based on that recommended price you are free to determine the prices you consider suitable for your business and for your clients.

Your client will purchase our products through your online shop or any other platform that you sell on and you will charge them and issue the invoice to them. At that point you can make the order on our site and decide if you want to receive it at your warehouse or have it sent directly to the address provided by your client through our dropshipping service.


Synchronisation will be carried out via CSV or XML files which can be downloaded from the control panel on our site. Thus, you can automatically synchronise the content of the products (titles, descriptions, photos, videos, assembly instructions, etc.), attributes (format, size, colour) of each product, prices, etc.

On Emuca Online you will always be able to see the products that are available for sale and you can update your catalogue as frequently as you want.

You can keep your catalogue updated via integration of your shop with CSV or with XML where you will always have the stock updated and you will decide how often you wish to update the quantity of products in your shop.

Through the control panel you will have access to your orders, what their situation is, a link to tracking, the invoice and a delivery note that can be downloaded in PDF format.

The content of the different products is available in 6 languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Dutch and Polish.

Dispatch and delivery

The majority of orders that come in before 1 pm are prepared and dispatched on the same day, however at times some orders may require 24/48hrs for preparation.

The delivery period will depend on the destination of your client and it will normally be between 1 and 4 working days.

At Emuca Online we dispatch to all the countries in the European Union; Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden. The special member state territories of the European Union are excluded.

The shipping costs will be available as soon as you apply for registration and we will send you all the documentation We have negotiated with logistics suppliers in order to offer you the best price-quality ratio.

The delivery times will always depend on the destination of your client. For example, dispatches within the peninsula arrive in 24-48 hours, and in many EU countries the transit times vary between 2 and 4 working days.

The delivery costs include: Suitable packaging (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, inner protection, etc.), transportation and insurance.

We want clients to receive products as quickly as possible, therefore it is possible that at times we will have partial deliveries. This situation may arise if your order contains more than one product and one item has a longer delivery time than another.

You will find this information on your order panel. Once the order has been dispatched, on the panel you will see who the logistics operator responsible for shipping is and the link where you will find all the available information about the status of your order.

Returns on Dropshipping dispatches

EmucaOnline will accept product returns from its clients with its prior authorization. You will notify Emuca of these circumstances and we will take charge of managing the inverse logistics. The transport costs incurred by the return will be borne by you and shall be deducted from the amount of the return. The period for making returns cannot surpass 30 days from the time of delivery.

It will only be possible to modify or cancel the order in cases where it has still not left the warehouse. Once it has been delivered to the logistics operator it will be handled as if it was a return.

The package will be returned to our warehouse and our team will undertake the necessary processes in order to process the payment. The dispatch of the order, as well as the return to the warehouse, result in transportation costs that will have to be covered by the company or the person who has made the order. Therefore, you will receive a payment corresponding to the return of the order, with the round-trip shipping costs deducted.

Transportation incidents

The order arrives with “knocked package” symptoms. At Emuca Online we will manage the process with the logistics operator. It will be necessary to inform us of the incident within 24-hrs from the delivery time, providing photos of the knocked package.

Dispatch of incorrect products to your end customer​​​​​​​

Emuca Online will accept changing products sent incorrectly and we will cover the re-shipping costs provided that the distributor informs of this situation within a period of 48-hrs from the date of receiving the consignment. You must provide a photo of the product and another photo of the product label. Once the necessary checks have been carried out, Emuca Online will inform you about the possible collection of the product and its replacement.

Defective products

In the event that you receive a defective product, and within a period of 30 calendar days following delivery, you can choose to cancel the order ,request a return or replacement of it (with the price paid returned) or to have a discount on the price of the product proportional to the defect. After 30 days it will not be possible to make any claims.


In the event you receive a defective product, it will be necessary to contact the Customer Support Service in order to outline the problem with the product. Each case will be handled individually and a solution will be provided as quickly as possible.

In order to carry out this process you will need to have the following information: Emuca Online order no., indicating the product to point out; a description of the problem with the product and photographs in the case of visible damage. You will find the email address of Customer Support Service/Technical Support Service in the Welcome Manual.

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